The company is currently funded by a range of private investors, and also works under government funded InnoBooster program

Eir Diagnostic is a Danish incorporated, privately owned, limited liability company, situated in Egaa/Aarhus, Denmark. The company’s address is Muslingevej 36B, 8250 Egaa, Denmark. The public registration no / CVR no. is 40339396.

CEO Michael Døssing and Scientific Director Noemi Rozlosnik

Board of Directors:
Chairman Tine Walldén Jespersen, Morten Olesen, Torsten Freltoft,
Noemi Rozlosnik, Ralf Busch and Kasper Kemp Hansen

 +45 2815 1905

Eir Diagnostics ApS, Muslingevej 36B, 8250 Egaa


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