We have developed a complete
and functional reader


Our technology is based on a highly specific biorecognition of targeted pathogens or biomarkers captured by aptamers coated on conductive polymer electrodes. Biological liquids are applied into the microchannels of the disposable Biochips, which is then inserted into the reader.  The reader detects changes in electrical signal, which can be correlated to amount of targets captured by the aptamers. The results are sent via WiFi or Bluetooth to the data management system. We are currently working on finishing the chip development and validating the platform.


Our product can identify viruses, bacteria and biomarkers in any biological fluid. We work in the fields of veterinarian, human, food and environment/water. Our product is estimated to be more accurate and flexible than existing POCT products on the market, and also quicker than existing laboratory tests, but in the same quality

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